Playlist Manager

The Playlists are the most underused weapon for improving YouTube SEO.

They are very important for many reasons.

First of all, they help you organize your videos into different categories.

Most importantly, they increase the Watch Time of your videos because of the fact that they play all the videos automatically that are added to them.

The WidPilot Playlist Manager imports all of the existing playlists that you created on your Youtube channel.

Here's what you can do with WidPilot's powerful Playlist Manager.

  • Add new playlists
  • Update or delete existing playlists
  • Add your own or other channels' videos to your playlists
  • Delete videos from existing playlists
  • Visit playlists on YouTube
  • Copy playlist URL
Playlist Manager

Add New Playlist

It's super easy to add a new playlist to your YouTube channel from the WidPilot app.

Simply go to "Channel Manager" from the left navigation and click on the "Playlist Manager" option on the screen.

Playlist Manager Link

The default playlist manager screen shows all of your existing playlists (created inside or outside of the WidPilot app) from all of the imported YouTube channels.

Playlist Manager

In order to create a new playlist, just click the "Add Playlist" button located at the top right side of the middle section.

It will open a new popup window.

Add New Playlist

Simply enter the playlist title, description, visibility, tags, etc, and click the "Create Playlist" button.

Boom., you just created a new playlist on your YouTube channel through the WidPilot app.

Playlist Manager Modal

Add Videos To Playlists

Adding the videos to your playlists is as simple as adding a new playlist.

You can either add your own videos or the videos from other YouTube channels to your playlists.

Add Own Videos

Here's how you could add your own videos to the playlists.

On the playlist manager screen, click the playlist you want to add a new video to.

Click on the "Add Video" button at the top right corner of the screen and the click on the "Own Video" option from the drop down menu.

Add Own Video To Playlist

It will open a new popup with all of the videos from your imported channels.

Simply choose the videos by selecting the checkbox and click on the "Add To Playlist" button located on the top right corner of the popup.

Add Own Video To Playlists

Add Others' Videos

As we just mentioned above, you can also add the videos to your playlists from other channels.

All you have to do is to select the 'Search video' option from the "Add video" drop down on the playlist manager screen.

Add Other Channel Videos

That opens up a new popup with options to search for the playlists on YouTube.

Simply enter your search term and use other filter options to find the relevant videos on YouTube.

It will show all videos from YouTube based on the query filters.

Select the ones that you would like to add to your playlists using a checkbox and finally click the "Add To Playlist" button located at the top right corner of the popup window.

Add Other Videos To Playlists

Adding the new videos to the playlists has never been this easy..!

Edit or Delete Playlists

It's not just only about adding the new playlists, you could also edit or delete the existing playlists on your YouTube channel directly through the WidPilot app.

Edit or Delete Playlists

Delete Videos From a Playlist

If you want to delete a specific video from any of the playlists then it can be easily done by simply clicking on a bin icon on each video.

Delete Video From Playlist

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