Intuitive Dashboard

WidPilot's intuitive dashboard facilitates you the bird's eye view of everything happening around your channel, videos, rankings, and the automation campaigns you created.

It displays every important activity happening around your YouTube channels on a pixel perfect interface.

WidPilot Dashboard

Channel Statistics Widget

The channel statistics widget displays the aggregate information about your channel, for example, the total number of views, videos, and subscribers.

Channel Statistics

Total Number of Comment Replies

This widget shows the total number of successful comment replies from all of your scheduled comment campaigns.

Total Comments

Popular Playlists

This widget shows the popular playlists across all of your imported channels.

Popular playlists

Video Upload Campaigns

This widget shows the total number of videos you uploaded through the WidPilot app to your YouTube channel.

Video Upload Campaigns

Latest Comment Replies

This widget shows the latest scheduled comment replies done through the WidPilot app on the videos you selected in the comment campaigns.

Comment Replies

Keyword Ranks

This widget shows the latest ranking of your targeted keywords in a graphical format for your scheduled keyword ranking campaigns.

Rank Tracking

Best Performing Videos

This widget shows the best performing videos that have been viewed the most, have more likes and comments from your imported channels.

Best Videos

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